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Updated June 03, 2022

The Massachusetts Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template describes property rental arrangements in a document which will act as a binding contract on its participants. This effect is provided by a signature of the participating Lessors and Lessees at the end of the document. The agreement itself is broken up into twenty-seven sections. These sections will describe the terms and conditions of the agreement each party is agreeing to adhere to for the duration of its lifetime. Some sections will contain standard information and require little to no attention while others will require definitions to be entered.

This residential contract will be adherent to Massachusetts General Laws Part II, Real and Personal Property and Domestic Relations. It will allow for attachments noting additional agreements made between Lessor and Lessee to be included under its power. So long as these additional agreements are documented clearly or presented with the lease at the same time to both parties. It should be noted that Massachusetts bbin电竞官网官方永久 Law will supersede any additional agreements or waivers attached regardless of the circumstances. This includes any waivers that would force a Landlord or Tenant to give up their basic rights or put them in a position of behaving in an unlawful manner.

Laws Chapter 186 (Estates for Years and at Will)

Handbook Guide to Landlord/Tenant Rights

How to Write

Step 1 – In Section 1, enter the Full Name, Address, City/bbin电竞官网官方永久/Zip code and Phone Number of the Landlord then of the Tenant in the spaces provided.

Step 2 – In Section 2, enter the mailing address of the leased property on the first line and the zip code of the leased property on the second line.

Step 3 – In Section 3, enter the number of years and months this lease shall remain in effect. Then enter the day, month, and year it shall begin. Next enter the day, month, and year it shall terminate.

Step 4 – In Section 4, enter the total monthly rent the tenant must pay then enter the calendar day of the month this payment must be received.

Step 5 – In Section 5, list the appliances that are present on the property and available for the Tenant to use.

Step 6 – In Section 6, write out the dollar amount the landlord expects to retain as a security deposit. Then enter this dollar amount as a number in the parenthesis.

Step 7 – In Section 8, enter the full name, address, and phone number of the party who may receive notices from the Tenant on behalf of the landlord (this can be the landlord). Then on the following line enter the name of the Landlord, Landlord Address, and Landlord Phone Number.

Step 8 – In Section 9, there will be a list of utilities/services. Next to each one enter the word Landlord or Tenant. This will be the individual who will pay for this utility/service for the lifetime of the lease. There will be an “Other” with a blank line in case a utility/service has not been mentioned but should be part of this lease. If so, make sure to define this utility/service.

Step 9 – In Section 27, each Landlord must sign and print his name in the space provided. Below this each Tenant must sign and print his name.