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Updated March 29, 2022

A Kansas rental application is a form that allows a landlord to verify a prospective tenant when renting property. The form allows a property manager or landlord the opportunity to conduct an organized search when they desire to find the best available tenant. The signature line will act as a testimony that all information presented is accurate. In addition, the applicant’s signature gives consent to perform the background check.


  • Application Fee  – Kansas does not limit the maximum application fee that may be demanded by landlords (no statute).
  • Security Deposit  – Landlords can charge up to one (1) month’s rent for unfurnished dwellings or one and a half (1 1/2) months’ rent for furnished dwellings. The landlord may demand an additional half (1/2) month’s rent if the rental agreement allows the tenant to keep pets ( § 58-2550 ).