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Updated August 18, 2022

A Louisiana eviction notice is a legal document sent by landlords seeking to notify a tenant of a non-compliance issue with their lease. The landlord will send the notice describing the violation and include the required statutory time period the tenant has to respond and cure the issue. If the tenant does not cure the issue within the specified time period, the landlord will be entitled to file an eviction action with the local court.

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5-Day Notice to Quit ( Non-Payment ) – This notice is used when the tenant has failed to pay rent when it is due under the terms of the lease. The landlord must give the tenant written notice of the late rent and they can either give the tenant the chance to pay back the rent or they can choose to make the notice incurable.

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5-Day Notice to Quit ( Non-Compliance ) – This notice is used when the tenant is breaching a provision in the lease, other than non-payment of rent. For example, the tenant may be keeping a pet when the lease states that pets are not allowed. The landlord may give the tenant 5 days to cure the default or can simply require them to vacate.

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10-Day Notice to Quit ( Month-to-Month Tenancy ) – This form of notice is used when the landlord seeks to end a month-to-month tenancy. In this case, the tenant has ten days to vacate the property.

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Table of Contents

Eviction Laws

  • Rent Grace Period: Not explicitly mentioned.
  • Non-Payment of Rent: 5 days. CCP 4701
  • Non-Compliance:  5 days. CCP 4701
  • Termination (Month-to-Month Lease): 10 days. CC 2728
  • Eviction Lawsuit:  Eviction of Tenants and Occupants. Title XI

Court Forms

Petition for Eviction (Sample) – The Petition for Eviction is the document that the landlord will file with the local court to initiate the eviction process.

Soldier’s/Sailor’s Affidavit (Sample) – This affidavit is filed with the above-linked petition to indicate whether the defendant is in the military service. If they are, it may affect the outcome of the case.

Court Information Sheet (Sample) – The third form to be filed at the beginning of the process, the information sheet is used to list the names and contact information of those involved in the case.

Order to Show Cause (Sample) – This order is served on the tenant and demands that they appear in court on the date indicated therein.

Warrant for Possession (Sample) – This provides a sheriff, constable, or marshal the power to remove the tenant from the premises.

When is Rent Due

In Louisiana, rent is due on the day specified in the lease. If rent isn’t paid, the landlord must provide 5-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment) to the tenant and allows him or her five days to pay.

How to Evict (Process)

Step 1 –  If your tenant is breaching the lease or you need to end a month-to-month tenancy and you are seeking to have them out of your property, you must follow the appropriate procedures. A tenant first needs to receive written notice that you intend to seek eviction if the tenant does not fix the situation or move out. Depending on the situation, you will need to send one of these notices:

You will need to make a copy of the notice to file with the court in the event you need to proceed.

Step 2 –  If your tenant does not respond satisfactorily to your notice in the time period allowed, you may then seek redress in the Local Court . First, you must file the following forms with Court where the Property is Located :

Step 3 –  The court will then issue an  Order to Show Cause ( Adobe PDF MS Word ) which must be served by a constable. The Order to Show Cause sets forth a hearing date.

Step 4 –  If the tenant fails to show up for the hearing or the judge rules in favor of the landlord, the court will issue a Judgment for Eviction. The landlord may then obtain a Warrant for Possession if the tenant still fails to vacate and obtain the assistance of a constable.


How To Write (Notice To Quit)

1 – Gathering Required Paperwork

Two basic documents will be necessary at the time of providing a Tenant or Month to Month Landlord a legal and appropriate notice. The first document is the Lease as this will contain information that must be reported in an accurate manner. The second document is the Louisiana Notice To Quit which may be downloaded here by clicking the “PDF,” “ODT,” and “Word” then, saving the preferred file type to your computer.

2 – Identifying the Tenant, Premises, and Lease

At the top of the page you must enter the Name of the Recipient on the blank line immediately after the word “To.”

The Exact Location of the Rental Property defined in the Lease must be defined in the first statement with blank spaces. First, report the “City of” the Rental Property on the first blank space. Second, report the “City of” the rental property on the next blank space. Then, enter the “Zip Code” on the third blank space. Finally, you will be given two blank spaces to report the Building Number/Street of the Rental Property and the Apartment Number. If the Rental Property does not have a Unit Number, you may leave this blank.

The Date the Lease was Signed must be reported in the next statement. This Signature Date must be reported by entering the Calendar Date, Month, and Year on the first, second, and third blank spaces.

3 – Notice of Required Action

The purpose of any Notice must be defined within it by the time it reaches the Recipient. There should be a clear message as to what is expected to occur within the time frame it refers to. There will be four checkbox statements available to document the subject and time frame of this Notice. Choose one.

If the Landlord must issue this document to a Tenant who is delinquent in required Rent Payments, then choose the “Nonpayment” checkbox. You will need to list an Authorized Agent who may accept overdue payments from the Tenant in case the Landlord is not available on the first space. This Notice will give the Tenant five days to rectify this situation with a defined payment or turn the Rental Property over to the Landlord. Report the Dollar Amount(s) owed on the next blank spaces then report the delinquent Rental Period on the blank lines after the phrase “Due from.”

If the Landlord must issue this document to a Tenant who has not been compliant with the Terms of the Lease he or she Signed, then choose the “Noncompliance” checkbox. This will inform the Tenant that he or she has five days to cease and correct the Lease Violations that you list on the blank line in this statement or release the Rental Property to the Landlord.

If the Landlord must issue this document to a Tenant to inform him or her of the intent to terminate a Month to Month Tenancy, then choose the “Month to Month Tenancy” checkbox followed by the term “I am your Landlord.” Month to Month Lease Agreements will require thirty days’ notice before their termination thus, designate and enter the Termination Date to be at least thirty days from the Tenant’s receipt of this Notice.

If the Tenant must issue this document to a Landlord to inform him or her of the intent to terminate e a Month to Month Tenancy, then select the checkbox labeled “Month to Month Tenancy” followed by the words “I am your Tenant.” You will need to designate and report an exact Date of Termination that is no earlier than thirty days from the Landlord’s receipt of this Notice.

4 – Landlord Intent Disclosure

Landlords who are issuing this document to a Tenant will need to sign their Names on the blank line following the “You are further notified” paragraph.

5 – Delivery Report

The “Certificate of Service” section may only be filled out by the individual who will deliver this to the intended recipient. First, the Agent must fill in the Delivery Date and Recipient Name in the appropriate areas of the statement below the section title. Additionally, the Agent will need to indicate precisely how this document was delivered by checking the appropriate checkbox from the choices provided. The first checkbox verifies the document was delivered personally to the Intended Recipient. The second check box will state the document was delivered to a reliable and of age second party either in the intended recipient’s household or place of employment. The last checkbox will declare that personal delivery was not possible and the Notice was to the recipient using First Class Mail.