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Updated July 12, 2022

A West Virginia deed transfers title to property from one party to another. The deed should be written for the date when the consideration (money) exchanges hands with the Grantee (buyer). The form should have the Preparer’s, Grantor’s, Grantee’s information along with the legal description of the property. The form should be signed with a notary public or two (2) witnesses per bbin电竞官网官方永久 requirements and the form may be processed by the County Court Clerk’s Office.

Laws  –  Chapter 36. Estates and Property

Recording  ( W. Va. Code, §§ 40-1-9 39-1-2 ) – A property’s deed must be filed in the County Court Clerk’s Office ( See List ) in the jurisdiction where the real estate is located.

Signing  ( W. Va. Code, § 39-1-2 ) – All deeds are required to be signed with two (2) witnesses or a Notary Public present.

Deed Types

General Warranty – Provides clear title to the new owner with the guarantee that the owner, and all prior owners, do not have any claims against the property. The highest recommended type of deed.

Quit Claim – Only transfers the ownership that the Seller ‘may’ have in the property. If you feel there is definitive proof that the Seller owns the property then you may use to transfer possession.

Special Warranty – Offers a guarantee to the buyer that the Seller has not encountered any title defects during the course of their ownership with the property.

West Virginia Property Search

Find the Legal Description of a property so you can enter into your deed by finding it at

Step 1 – Go to This Webpage .

west virginia public records list of counties

Step 2 – After selecting your county you will want to access your County Assessor information by clicking the ‘ Go to Online Data ‘ link. Afterwards, you will be redirected to your County real estate database. Typically, you will be able to lookup a property by the Owner’s Name and Property Address.

kanawha county assessor ownership search page

Step 3 – After making your selection and finding the real estate through the search results, you will be able to find the Legal Description. This is usually identified by the Book and Page Numbers, Property ID, and/or the Tax Map and Lot Numbers. No address is needed.

kanawha county assessor search results