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Updated July 05, 2022

A power of attorney revocation form allows a person to cancel and void a previously signed power of attorney document. Once signed by the principal, the power of attorney is considered canceled and is immediately terminated. Notice of the cancellation should be given to all agents, via certified mail, along with any other individuals, institutions, or agencies that should be notified.

Termination by Default

A power of attorney is automatically terminated if the principal dies or, for non-durable forms, becomes incapacitated .

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Table of Contents

How to Revoke Power of Attorney (3 steps)

Step 1 – Complete a Revocation Form

Download the form in Adobe PDF , Microsoft Word (.docx) , or Open Document Text (.odt) . Complete and it may help to find the original power of attorney document to ensure the dates and agents are mentioned correctly.

Step 2 – Execution

Complete and sign in the same way the original document was signed (e.g. witness(es), notary public, etc.).

Step 3 – Send the Revocation

It is best to send a copy of the revocation to the agents via certified mail. This will give proof to the principle that the form was received by the agents. If the agents are to act further on behalf of the principal it would be considered a criminal act.

Reasons to Revoke (5)

Power of attorney  grants broad powers over one’s finances that may need to be revoked at certain times. Such reasons include:

  • The agent is no longer interested in holding the power of attorney;
  • The principal believes the Agent is not completing the requirements appropriately;
  • The power of attorney is no longer desired;
  • The principal would like to change agents; and
  • The purpose has been fulfilled.

However, a specific reason for revocation is not required for the revocation to become in effect.


How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF , MS Word , or OpenDocument (.odt) .

Step 1  – In the upper-left corner of the form enter the County and bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the document is to be signed.

Step 2  – In the formal declaration area, the principal will state their name, mailing address and the day the original power of attorney was signed. Afterward, the witnesses will be named.

Step 3 – In the witness area, the principal’s name will be mentioned again as well as the date of the revocation. Below, the witnesses will be required to sign their names and enter their mailing addresses.

Step 4  – On the 2nd page, the notary public will be required to enter the county and bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the form is being signed. Afterward, they will enter the principal’s name, the witnesses, and then sign and place their seal on the bottom right portion of the page.