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Updated September 06, 2022

A Louisiana last will and testament is a legal document written by a testator (the person who is creating the will) in order to set forth instructions on how they wish to distribute their assets upon death. Some of the many arrangements that can be stipulated on a will include the transfer of fiduciary assets, life insurance, digital property, as well as real estate and personal property. Through making a will, a testator can assure their property/assets will be properly managed after their death and dispersed among the intended family, friends, and even organizations. All individuals who shall receive a portion of the testator’s estate can be named on the document as beneficiaries; specific details can also be included regarding the inheritance of certain property. In order to satisfy legal requirements in Louisiana, a will must be signed by two (2) witnesses who have attested the testator’s signature. In addition, a will must be notarized by a state-authorized individual and registered with the Secretary of bbin电竞官网官方永久’s Office.

Table of Contents


  • LA Civil Code 1570
  • Registration Procedures – Use this form and send with $10 (payable to the Secretary of bbin电竞官网官方永久) to register a signed will by sending it to the following address: Secretary of bbin电竞官网官方永久, P. O. Box 94125, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125. (RS 9:2446)

Signing Requirements

Two (2) or more competent Witnesses AND a Notary. Each page must be signed. ( Art. 1577 )

bbin电竞官网官方永久 Definition

Will ” is a hand-written testament, which is only valid if it is entirely written, dated, and signed by the testator.

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