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Updated August 04, 2022

A babysitter contract is between the parent and a person paid to watch and take care of their children. A babysitter can be hired on a case-by-case basis situation or be on a weekly schedule. In most cases, a babysitter is not hired as an employee but as an independent contractor and responsible for payment of their own withholding taxes. In addition to compensation, the contract should outline the babysitter’s responsibilities, methods of transportation, emergency contacts, and any other terms to be agreed upon.

Table of Contents

What is a Babysitter?

A babysitter is a person that is compensated for taking care of children for a set period of time. A babysitter is commonly paid by the hour and may have responsibilities such as meals, transportation, and general supervision.

Long-Term Babysitting

A long-term babysitter is commonly hired to stay at the residence where the children live and responsible for their everyday care. This is common when parents go on a vacation and the babysitter is hired to take care of the children at the home.

Nanny Contract – For more than just childcare. A nanny is more of a scheduled working environment and also required to handle household duties.

How to Find a Babysitter

Finding a babysitter is mainly about finding someone that can be trusted to take care of your loved ones. In order to find the available candidate, it’s best to try all friends and family to see if there is anyone that can be referenced. If not, then the only solution is to hire someone with experience in your area.

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How Much do Babysitter’s Make?

A babysitter’s pay commonly ranges from $15-18/hr . There is a multitude of factors that go into the babysitter’s pay such as:

  • Market Area (location)
  • Short or Long-Term
  • Babysitter’s Experience
  • Total Responsibility

Hourly Rate

Babysitter Contract Samples

Sample 1

Download: Adobe PDF , MS Word (.docx)

Sample 2

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Sample 3

Download: Adobe PDF

How to Write a Babysitting Contract

Download : Adobe PDF , Microsoft Word (.docx) , Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Obtain Then Open The Agreement To Set Up A Contract For Babysitting Services

The previewed template on this page can be opened and worked on immediately as a PDF or Word document or saved to your machine. Generally, it is a good idea to have both a blank copy and a copy of the completed and signed agreement, so it is recommended you save this file as a “PDF” “Word” or “ODT” file to your system. Access it to enter information, once you have gathered all your references and are ready to develop the agreement.


2 – Discuss The Effective Date Of The Agreement Between These Parties

The first paragraph requires that you report the material making up the basic premise of this paperwork. The first will be the effective date or the calendar day when both parties can consider themselves obligated to the expectations you will define in this document. This effective date should be documented as a month and day on the first line in the first article (I. Parties) then its year on the second line.        Notice the statement is briefly interrupted with the bold label “Babysitter.” The empty line to the right of this label needs the full name of the Babysitter being hired displayed as its content. Report his or her full name here then input the “Street Address” (building/street/apartment) in the Babysitter’s mailing address on the next blank space, the city where the Babysitter’s mailing address is located, and, finally, the appropriate state on the last blank line before the word “And.”      The next label in this statement will call for information regarding the “Parent/Guardian.” This party will also be known as the Client in the contents of this document. Make sure you enter the full name of the individual paying the Babysitter on the first blank space in this portion of the statement then record his or her mailing address to the next three available spaces (following the terms “…Mailing Address Of,” “City Of,” and “bbin电竞官网官方永久 Of” respectively.     


3 – Identify Each Child And The Babysitter’s Compensation

The second section of this agreement bears the label “II. Children.” The statement contained here will lead to a numbered list of blank lines. Use each line to name one Child that the Babysitter will be caring for as a result of this contract. If there are more than three children involved you must add additional lines and record their names or document their identities in an attachment. If there are less than three children involved leaving the blank lines underneath his or her (or their) name(s) unmarked.      Now that the agreement’s date and parties have all been identified, we will address the money the Babysitter expects in exchange for the child care services he or she will provide. Definitive information must be supplied using the contents of “III. Payment.” Three checkbox selections are presented so that you may report this by simply checking the box corresponding to the statement that can best be used to define the Babysitter’s compensation. If this is a dollar amount to be paid by the hour then mark the checkbox then use the blank space in this selection to display how much money per hour must be paid to the Babysitter for every hour of work.                      If the payment will be delivered upon the conclusion of every sitting then mark the second checkbox and enter the amount the Babysitter will be paid at the end of the session.        This choice will also allow you to give a unique definition to the pay. For instance, if the Babysitter is salaried, receiving a set amount of money for a set number of days, then use the third statement by marking its checkbox and reporting this accurately in the example below. You may use this statement should it be more appropriate than the ones above.                       


4 – Document The Child Care Schedule And Responsibilities

The fourth item of this document will be concerned with setting the babysitting work schedule. If there is no weekly schedule to follow then mark the “Not Required” checkbox in article “IV. Schedule.”                      If there will be a weekly schedule of child care that the Babysitter must adhere to then mark the second checkbox in this statement. You will also need to select each checkbox to each weekday the Babysitter must work then fill in the start time and end time of each day’s shift. Note: Remember to indicate whether the time being reported is in the “A.M.” or “P.M.”                     

Some basic expectations will be understood by what the basics of child care involved. If there are additional responsibilities, then they too should be documented. For instance, the Babysitter may be required to also provide light tutoring services. Article “V. Responsibilities” will provide the space you require to document any such additional obligations so long as they are included before the signing of this contract.              The “VI. Allergies” section produces the opportunity to indicate what food, liquid, fabric, or gas allergies the Child may have. If this isn’t applicable because the Child has no allergies then mark the first checkbox statement in this article. If the Child does have allergies then mark the second checkbox and list them. Refer to the example below.    The next article that will require definition is designated “VII. Term” Here, we will define when the Babysitter will start providing childcare as per this agreement and when the childcare service required must terminate. Begin with the first calendar date that the Babysitter must begin providing childcare. Furnish this calendar date to the blank lines following the term “…Agreement Starts On”              Now, you must document either the last calendar date when the Babysitter will work under this agreement by marking the first checkbox and entering this date to the spaces provided (as in the example below) or by marking the second checkbox as verification that this working agreement will continue until notice is issued by the Party terminating it by e-mail or standard mail.                 


5 – Include Any Additional Provisions Before Executing This Paperwork

Some agreements may require “Additional Terms And Conditions,” especially if a live-in Babysitter is involved. In order for such additional provisions to be obligatory to both parties, they must be included in this contract before it is signed by either the Babysitter or the Client. Thus use the blank lines in the ninth article to make sure any “Additional Terms And Conditions” are aptly documented.              Both parties should read this agreement and all its attachments before tending to the final article “X. Entire Agreement.” If the Babysitter is committed to adhering to the contract as it appears at this completion then he or she must sign the “Babysitter’ Signature” line to formally declare this. Additionally, the printed name of the Babysitter and the calendar date when he or she signed this document should be displayed on the “Print Name” line and the “Date” line respectively.                  Similarly, the Client must also formally declare his or her intention to enter this agreement. Naturally, it would be considered wise to make sure that he or she has read this agreement and wishes to enter it officially. When the Client is ready, then he or she must sign the line “Client’s Signature” then immediately supply the current date on the adjacent space. The “Print Name” line below this is reserved for the Client to print his or her name on it so that it accompanies the signature provided.