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Updated June 02, 2022

A Washington Real Estate Power of Attorney Form supplies the hardcopy proof an agent needs when representing a principal property owner. Usually, such paperwork will be filled out and signed by the principal. It may be filled out by a preparer as well, however, only the principal property owner can sign and execute this document. This is because the agent will have the authority to act in the principal’s name in the matters the principal defines here. The subject matter will focus on real property transactions, thus the agent can be given the principal authority to manage real property, conduct certain transactions, as well as other transactions requiring principal attention. In addition to the principal signature, this document requires notarization or attestation from two witnesses. The Principal can at any time revoke the powers he or she is delivering in this document whenever desired.


Statutes Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements ( RCWA 11.125.050 ; RCWA 65.08.070 ) – Two (2) Witnesses or Notary Public. Do note, however, the notary method of executing the document is the better option if the attorney-in-fact intends to record any real estate instruments with a local registry on the principal’s behalf.

How to Write

1 – Principal Real Estate Powers Can Be Delivered Using The Template Provided

The paperwork necessary to grant a Real Estate Power of Attorney in the bbin电竞官网官方永久 of Washington can be opened and obtained by clicking on the appropriate caption buttons under the preview picture.

2 – Indicate Where The County Clerk Should Send This Paperwork

This paperwork will have to be filed with the county office where the concerned Property is located. While the exact process will depend upon the County, once it is recorded accurately with the state, it will be returned (often with proof of the filing). Fill in the Name and Mailing Address where the County should send the recorded document on the blank line labeled “When Recorded Return To.” Generally, this is the Principal Property Owner’s information.

3 – Balance The Blank Areas In The Declaration bbin电竞官网官方永久ment With Requested Information

The statement under the title of this document will open with a blank line where the Full Name of the Property Owner should be entered. Use the blank line that precedes the terminology “…As My True And Lawful Attorney For Me And In My Name And Stead” The next portion requiring attention in this paperwork is placed after some of the language necessary to appoint an Attorney-in-Fact with the Principal Power to act with the Principal’s Real Property. Use the blank lines below the words “…Described Real Property” to document the Physical Address and Legal Description of the Property the Attorney-in-Fact will wield Principal Power over. If a Legal Description is not available or not on the books, provide the Abbreviated Legal Description for this property on the blank line carrying the label “Abbreviated Legal.” Once this Property has been defined, produce its “Tax Parcel Number(s)” on the blank line supplied after the reported description.

4 – Attach A Life Span To The Real Estate Powers Being Granted

The Attorney-in-Fact’s use of Principal Power will naturally expire six months after this paperwork has been issued. The Principal should either fill in this Date using the blank spaces in the statement “This Special Power Of Attorney Will Cease…” or supply a Calendar Date or Termination of his or her choosing. The Principal may not select a Date that is six months after the Execution Date of this document. 

5 – The Principal Property Owner’s Verifying Signature Is Mandatory

The Principal must enter the Date this document is being signed on the “Dated” line The Principal Property Owner must record the Date then sign the “Principal’s Signature” The Agent being granted Power must sign the line attached to “Agent’s Signature.” The last participating party, the Notary Public overseeing the signing, will notarize this delegation using the bottom portion of this page.