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Updated July 09, 2022

A Tennessee Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is a document that will allow a principal to assign an agent to care for their real property and/or any transactions pertaining to the real estate. This document is used when the principal will be unable to be present to handle their own business due to absence or illness. The designated agent should conduct any business as if the principal were available and able to do the business on their own, honoring the principal’s decisions with regard to their property. This document will not allow the agent to make any other decisions with regard to the principal. This document should be notarized or contain the signatures of two witnesses. The principal should be aware that they may revoke the form at any time.


Statutes Title 66 – Property

Signing Requirements ( T. C. A. § 66-22-101 ) – No statutory mention of specific requirements. However, it is suggested that the document be notarized or witnessed by two individuals if the attorney-in-fact intends to record conveyances of land with the county register on the principal’s behalf.

How to Write

1 – Gain Access To The Real Estate Documents On This Page To Delegate Principal Authority

Begin the process of delegating Real Estate Authority by downloading the appropriate paperwork. You may download this as a PDF, ODT, or Word file utilizing the three buttons under the image.

2 – The Introduction To This Delegation Requires Input

The first blank line of the first page will call for the Legal Name of the individual granting Principal Power. Then, on the next empty space, record the Street Address of the Grantor.  Once done with these tasks, continue the Principal Address Report by filling in the Principal’s City and bbin电竞官网官方永久 on the third and fourth spaces (after the words “…City Of” and “…bbin电竞官网官方永久 Of”  The spaces after the phrase “…Hereby Appoint” focus attention on the Attorney-in-Fact or Agent who will accept Principal Power and wield it according to the Principal’s Directives. Use the four spaces provided in the remainder of this statement to record the Attorney-in-Fact’s Legal Name, Street Address, City, and bbin电竞官网官方永久.

3 – Prepare The First Article With Information For The Principal’s Information

The section designated as “Article I. Assignment Of Authority” will be at the heart of this declaration of Principal Power. Four paragraphs have been supplied to classify each type of Real Estate Power that can be delegated to an Agent. The Grantor will need to initial each Paragraph and mark each check box that corresponds to the Type of Principal Power that he or she wishes to grant the Attorney-in-Fact. Each paragraph that defines a Principal Power will contain two blank lines in its wording. The first blank line will require the Physical Address of the Property the Agent may wield (that paragraph’s) Principal Powers over. The second blank line will need the Legal Description of this Property as it is recorded on the books. Fill in the two blank spaces of each paragraph the Principal intends to initial and check mark. Any paragraph that is not initialed by the Principal, unmarked by the Principal, does not contain the Physical Address or the Legal Address will not be a Power granted to the Agent. All items must be present to include that Principal Power over the defined Property.

4 – Only The Grantor Can Determine And Authorize The Term These Powers Will Run

The section designated with the bold words “Article III. Term” will need the Principal to determine when precisely the Attorney-in-Fact’s use of Principal Powers should terminate. Three statements (each with a blank line and a checkbox that precedes) have been supplied so that this determination may be reported personally by the Principal.

The Grantor can use bbin电竞官网官方永久ment “a” to designate a specific Date when the Principal Powers delivered here will terminate. Here, the Grantor should initial the blank line placed just after “a,” mark the checkbox, then enter the Calendar Date of the Termination on the blank lines supplied in the statement.  The second statement will indicate the Grantor’s desire to have the Principal Powers delivered here to automatically terminate upon the “Incapacity, Or Death, Or Revocation” of the Grantor In the last option the Grantor can seize is to have these Powers remain in Effect until he or she revokes this document or upon the death of the Grantor. He or she will need to initial and check the area just after the letter “c.”

5 – An Execution Of The Completed Template Requires Principal, Agent, Witness, And Notary Signatures

The Signature Date when this document is executed should be reported by the Grantor at the time of he or she signs this document. This date should be reported in the last sentence of “Article VI. Revocation.” The Grantor must sign the “Principal’s Signature” line and print his or her Name on the line designated with the words “Print Name.” After the Grantor has signed his or her Name, the Attorney-in-Fact will need to sign the blank line labeled “Agent’s Signature” then print his or her Name in the space next to his or her signature line.

The “Affirmation By Witness 1” and “Affirmation By Witness 2” sections will need the Name of one Witness to the Signing produced on the blank line in the statement provided. The Witnesses must Sign and Print their Names in the paragraph containing their Name.  The Notary Acknowledgment page will have the wording a Notary Public needs to notarize the Principal Signing The Attorney-in-Fact must sign and print his or her Name on the blank lines labeled “Agent’s Signature” and “Print Name” (respectively) in the “Acceptance By Agent”