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Updated June 02, 2022

A Rhode Island real estate power of attorney form enables a person to delegate their powers over a property to an agent. This paperwork can only be executed by the Principal who owns the real estate property being discussed. He or she will use this document to provide written permission for a trusted individual, attorney, or real estate agent to manage, refinance, sell, or oversee any transactions concerning the principal’s real estate or a portion of the property. This document must be notarized after it’s completed and may be revoked in writing by the principal at any time.


Statutes Rhode Island Short Form Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements ( Gen. Laws 1956, §§ 18-16-2 , 34-11-34 ) – Notary Public.

How to Write

1 – The Real Estate Powers Form Should Be Downloaded From This Page

This Template can be obtained in one of three formats: A PDF document, an ODT document, or an MS Word document. Make sure to download the version that is compatible with your system’s software.

2 – The Individuals Concerned With This Appointment Of Power Must Be Identified

This document will need to solidify several definitions, so it may be applied to its purpose effectively. The first such definition will be that of the Principal. This will require his or her Full Legal Name. The Principal’s Name should be presented on the first blank line. This individual is the person who will provide Authorization, through this form, for another person (Agent) to act in his or her Name.  It will not be enough to record the Principal’s Name, the second blank space here requests the Principal’s Street Address (Building or House Number, Street Name, Apt Number). The next two available blank lines will allow this report on the Principal’s Address to continue with the Principal’s City and bbin电竞官网官方永久.  The Principal’s report will need to be followed by one for the Agent being named with Principal Powers. Locate the words “…Hereby Appoint.” The four blank spaces following this term have been furnished so that we may appropriately name the Agent who will be able to wield Principal Power once this document is executed. Begin by entering the First, Middle, and Last Name of the Agent on the first blank line after these words.  The next three available lines after the Agent’s reported Name call for the Agent’s Street Address, City, and bbin电竞官网官方永久 of Residence to be placed on them.

3 – Produce A Detailed Account Of The Delivered Powers

The Principal will need to have determined precisely what the Agent named in this document can do on his or her behalf through this document’s Effect. This determination will need to be recorded in this paperwork by the time the Principal signs it and will need to be presented in an appropriate manner. The first article in this paperwork “Assignment Of Authority.” Here, a brief checklist of paragraph statements has been organized to cover the four basic areas that cover all of one’s Principal Power in Real Estate. The Principal will need to personally approve any Powers granted to the Agent over a specific property through his or her initials. Any paragraph statement that is selected by the Principal will require the Legal Description of the concerned Property on the first blank line and that property’s Physical Address on the second blank line in its structure.

If the Principal has determined he or she will need the Agent to sell land, premises, or Property in his or her Name, then he or she must initial and check the blank line and check box that precede the bold words “Sale Of Real Estate.” This paragraph statement will require the Legal Description and Physical Address of the Property the Agent may act upon placed on the first and second lines respectively. It should be noted the Principal will appoint the Agent the ability to perform all the actions listed here once he or she initials this item.  The next type of Principal Power that can be delivered will be the Principal Power required to Purchase Real Estate in the Principals’ Name. If the paragraph labeled “Purchase Of Real Estate” has the property’s Legal Description and Physical Address filled onto the first and second blank lines in its wording and the Principal initials and checks the area just before the bold words “Purchase Of Real Estate” then, the Agent will be able to perform all the actions defined within it.  If the Agent will need to manage a Property in the Name of the Principal then, its Legal Description and Physical Address must be supplied to the language in the “Management Of Real Estate.” Also, the Principal must initial the blank line preceding it and mark the checkbox.  The Principal’s “Refinancing” Powers will be defined in the last checklist item. If the Agent should be able to handle such matters on behalf of the Principal with a specific Property, then record that Property’s Legal Description and Physical Address where requested in this statement Once this task is completed, the Principal must initial and check this statement.

4 – The Term Of Effect When The Attorney-in-Fact Has Access To Principal Powers Should Be bbin电竞官网官方永久d

The Agent will have the ability to represent the Principal in the Principal’s Real Estate matters once this document is signed by the Principal. However, the length of time the Agent will have access to such Powers will need to be solidified. This task will be dealt with in the third article (labeled “Term”) in the same manner he or she assigned Real Estate Powers in the previous article.

If the Principal intends for the Powers delivered to the Agent to Terminate by naturally expiring on a certain Date, then he or she must initial and check item A. The exact Termination Date the Principal wishes the appointed Powers to expire on must be recorded on the blank spaces provided near the end of this choices’ statement.  The Principal can elect to set these Powers as Non-Durable. That is, they will automatically Terminate on the Date he or she becomes disabled, dies, or issues a revocation. If so, then he or she must initial and check Choice B in this article. The last option provided will set the Powers in this document as Durable. That is, they will only expire if the Principal issues a Revocation or dies. To set the Powers in this document as Durable, the Principal must initial and check Choice C.

5 – To Grant These Real Estate Powers To The Attorney-in-Fact, The Principal Must Sign His Or Her Name

This document will deal with Real Estate Powers. Naturally, a proof will be required of the Principal’s Execution on this document since the Agent’s actions can have a profound effect on the Principal’s Finances when he or she must wield Principal Real Estate Powers. This proof will be provided by the Principal through the Principal Act of Signing. This signature must be Dated, Witnessed, then Notarized.

Let us begin with the Signature Date of the Principal. He or she must enter this Date across the three available lines in the sentence starting with “In Witness Whereof, I Have Executed This Instrument This.” The Principal should document this Date in a DD/MONTH/YY format on these lines.  The “Principal’s Signature” line must be signed by the Principal then, produce his or her printed name on the next blank line.  The Principal’s Agent must sign the “Agent’s Signature” line and also print his or her name next to this.  The Principal’s Signature will need to be authentic and provable as such. This type of verification is gained by the Witnesses who have physically watched the Principal provide sign this document. Each Witness will need to have his or her Name supplied to the first blank space in the paragraph labeled “Affirmation By Witness 1” or “Affirmation By Witness 2.” Once this area has been set up, each Witness should read the paragraph devoted to him or her then sign and print his or her Name on the blank lines supplied.  Once these entities have provided their Signatures, this document may be surrendered to the Notary Public present so that he or she can use eh ‘Notary Acknowledgment” page to notarize this signing.  The final area this paperwork has been supplied so the Agent named with Principal Power should supply a formal acknowledgment of the contents of this paperwork. He or she should read through the “Acceptance By Agent” page then sign and print his or her Name on the blank lines “Agent’s Signature” and “Print Name” (respectively).