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Updated June 02, 2022

An Oregon real estate power of attorney form is a legal document that permits a selected agent to oversee actions and/or transactions pertaining to the care, sale, refinancing, or management of real property. Keep in mind, this type of appointment will only deal with principal power over real property, therefore, any and all powers delivered here will only enable an agent to deal with a principal’s real property and no other principal matter. All decisions made by the Agent, and on behalf of the principal, should be carefully considered and handled as if the principal was present. This form may be notarized upon completion and may be revoked by the principal, in writing, at any time.


Statutes Chapter 127: Powers of Attorney

Signing Requirements ( O.R.S. § 93.670 ) – Though the principal’s signature can execute the power of attorney document, it alone shall not be sufficient upon the attorney-in-fact’s attempt to record conveyances of land with a local registry. A notary acknowledgment is necessary when doing so and, therefore, highly recommended. The principal may also have their document witnessed for further validation.

How to Write

1 – The Document On This Page Should Be Obtained Through a Download

This Authority Document will provide the required structure for a designation of the Principal’s Real Estate Powers to an Agent. It may be opened and worked on live, however, it would be considered wise to save a workable copy to your machine in one of the three formats provided through the buttons supplied below the image here.

2 – bbin电竞官网官方永久 The Name And Address Of Each Party

The blank lines at the beginning of the first page will call for the information required to supplement the first introduction’s statement of the Principal’s intent when executing this paperwork. Fill in the Full Name of the person (Principal) granting his or her Principal Authority on the first blank line, his or her Address on the second blank line, the Principal’s City on the third blank line, and his or her bbin电竞官网官方永久 of Residence on the fourth blank line.

Similarly, use the fifth space to record the Name of the person receiving Principal Power on the fifth blank space of this paragraph, then his or her Residential Street Address on the sixth blank line, his or her City on the third blank line and his or her bbin电竞官网官方永久 of Residence on the last blank line.

3 – The Principal Must Produce A Detail Of Approved Principal Authority For The Agent

In “Article I. Assignment Of Authority” the Principal will officially authorize the Principal Powers that must be delivered to the Agent through this paperwork’s execution. Each of the four paragraphs (“Sale Of Real Estate,” “Purchase Of Real Estate,” “Management,” and “Refinancing” will contain a definition of the Principal Powers the Agent can wield with Principal Approval. The Principal will only need to initial the blank line preceding the paragraph label and mark the checkbox between his or her initials and the paragraph label to approve the Agent’s use of the defined Powers. It should be noted that for such an Approval to be made properly, the Legal Address of the Property will need to be supplied on the first blank line in the paragraph and its Legal Description must be supplied on the second blank line in that definition. This is the Property the Agent may carry out the actions defined in the paragraph on with Principal Approval. At least one of these Power Definitions must be supplied with property information and approved by the Principal.

4 – Principal Authorization Is Required To Solidify The Period Of Effect

The Period of Effect is the time frame when the Agent may use Principal Powers. The Agent will automatically be granted Principal Power upon the Principal Signing. No automatic method or Date of Termination is set, however. Thus, the Principal must set one personally in “Article III. Term.” Here, the Principal can declare a specific Date as the Termination Date by filling in this Date in option “a” then initialing the blank line and marking the checkbox just before the words “This Power Of Attorney Is Effective…”

If the Principal has decided the Agent may wield Principal Power without interruption until the Principal is incapacitated or passes away, he or she should initial, and check option “b” Note: The Principal reserves the right to revoke any Powers (regardless which option is approved) at his or her discretion.

The Principal can also decide these should be durable Real Estate Powers. That is, remaining in Effect regardless of the Principal’s Health, then he or she should prove this decision by selecting option “c” by initialing the last statement and marking the checkbox.

5 – The Principal Must Verify This Grant Of Authority By Signature

The Principal should make sure that all the information on this document has been reported accurately and fairly represents his or her goals of setting this paperwork in motion. Before signing this document, his or her Signature Date must be documented in the last statement using the three blank spaces provided.

The Principal must sign his or her Name on the blank line “Principal’s Signature.” Additionally, the Principal must Print his or her Name on the “Print Name” line.

The Agent being granted Principal Powers must also provide his or her his or her signature on the blank line labeled “Agent’s Signature.” The Agent must also present his or her printed name on the “Print Name” line

The Principal Signature used to execute this paperwork will need to be witnessed and notarized in a manner that is provable. Such verification must exist physically, thus each Witness must have his or her Name presented in one of the “Affirmation By Witness” paragraphs then sign and print his or her Name on the blank line. Only one Witness may be presented and act as a Signature Party per paragraph.

The Notary Public processing this document to notarize the Principal Signing will be able to do so utilizing the “Notary Acknowledgment” page.