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Updated June 02, 2022

An Oklahoma real estate power of attorney form is a document used to elect an agent to handle a principal property owner’s real property. The principal’s attention will be mandatory for this paperwork to be completed as only he or she has the authority to approve the agent’s principal powers. Before filling out this document, the principal must verify the agent is willing to provide necessary duties to care for or transact business pertaining to the principal’s real estate (or a portion thereof). This document will provide the written permission required for the agent to oversee the actions and transactions the principal wishes the agent to engage in. Once these parties execute this document, the agent must care for the property in the manner defined within its contents. This document will require a notary acknowledgment. This document may be revoked in writing at any time with a written notice that is properly served to the agent.


Statutes Title 58, Chapter 29 (Uniform Power of Attorney Act)

Signing Requirements ( 58 Okl. St. Ann. § 3005 ; 16 Okl. St. Ann. § 20 ) – Notary Public.

How to Write

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Oklahoma Real Estate Principal Declaration

(1) Oklahoma Principal’s Full Name. The full name of the Party who will authorize an Agent to handle one or more real estate actions in his or her name must be presented in the introduction.

(2) Street Address Of Oklahoma Real Estate Principal. The street address (building number/street/suite number), the city, and the state where the Oklahoma Real Estate Principal can be reliably contacted by mail should be dispensed to support his or her identity.

(3) Full Name Of Oklahoma Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact. The Party who will gain the ability to undertake one or more actions concerning the Oklahoma Real Estate Principal’s real property must be named to this role. To this end, furnish the Oklahoma Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact’s full name. This Party will be referred to as both an Attorney-in-Fact or Agent of the Oklahoma Real Estate Principal. It should be noted that this Party is not an Attorney or a Real Estate Agent.

(4) Oklahoma Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact Address And Phone Number. Dispense the contact address for the Oklahoma Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact to the spaces available in this statement of appointment.

Article I. Assignment Of Authority

(5) Approval For The Sale Of Real Estate. The Oklahoma Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact can be authorized to sell real property on behalf of the Principal if he or she can demonstrate the approval to do so. To provide this proof of approval the Oklahoma Real Estate Principal must initial the first statement in Article I then mark the adjacent checkbox. Notice the language of this statement authorizes the Agent to undertake any related action needed for the sale of the Oklahoma Principal’s real property.

(6) Real Property To Be Sold. The language provided to approve of the Oklahoma Real Estate Agent’s authority to sell the Principal’s real property remains incomplete so it must be supplied with the street address of the real property the Oklahoma Attorney-in-Fact may take principal action with as well as the concerned property’s legal description. Spaces have been presented in this power designation to accommodate this information.

(7) Authorization For The Purchase Of Real Estate.   The Oklahoma Principal can choose to authorize the concerned Attorney-in-Fact’s use of his or her name and principal power to purchase real property. To designate the Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact with such authority the Oklahoma Principal must initial the second statement of power and produce a mark in the corresponding checkbox.

(8) Real Estate To Be Purchased. The real property that the Agent will be able to purchase on behalf of the Oklahoma Real Estate Principal must be clearly described when such authorization is delivered. Use the spaces provided to document the physical address (street address, city, state, zip code) where this property can be accessed and its legal description to complete this authorization.

(9) Delivering Real Estate Management Powers. If the Oklahoma Real Estate Principal intends to rely on his or her Attorney-in-Fact to manage a property on his or her behalf (for example, initiating and terminating leases and subleases agreements, effecting repairs, etc.) then the third power definition must be presented with the initials of the Oklahoma Real Estate Principal. Additionally, he or she must mark the checkbox associated with this statement to solidify his or her intent to grant the Oklahoma Attorney-in-Fact the principal power needed to manage real estate.

(10) Real Estate To Be Managed. The address where the real estate the Oklahoma Principal grants his or her Attorney-in-Fact or Agent to manage in his or her name must be presented along with its legal description in the third statement so that this designation of authority may be clearly defined.

(11) Refinancing Directive. Oftentimes, a certain amount of effort may be required to refinance the debts incurred by items such as a mortgage. These administrative refinancing tasks may be carried out by the Oklahoma Agent using the authority granted in the final power statement. The Oklahoma Real Estate Principal will need to supply his or her initials and check the appropriate box to appoint this type of principal authority to his or her Agent (Attorney-in-Fact).

(12) Real Estate Approved For Refinancing. Naturally, approving the Oklahoma Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact’s ability to handle a property’s refinancing needs requires that the concerned property is properly identified. Thus, supply the address and legal description of the real estate authorized for refinancing through the Attorney-in-Fact’s granted use of principal power to the statement provided.  

Article III. Term

(13) Automatic Termination Date. While the powers in this document will go into effect upon the signature of the Oklahoma Principal, the manner they terminate must be established. To formally name a termination date for the real estate powers granted to the Oklahoma Attorney-in-Fact, the Principal must initial bbin电竞官网官方永久ment (A) and mark the corresponding checkbox.

(14) Name The Termination Date. If the first statement in Article III has been approved, then document the desired date of termination. This will set the termination date as the first calendar date that the Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact will no longer have the ability to represent the Principal with the authority defined above. It should be mentioned that if the Oklahoma Principal wishes to terminate or revoke these powers before the termination date, he or she may do so by simply issuing a written revocation to the Attorney-in-Fact and any other concerned Entities who may keep this document on file.

(15) Non-Durable Option. If the Oklahoma Principal wishes all the authority granted to the Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact to terminate or become ineffective automatically the moment he or she is incapacitated, passes away, or revokes such powers then bbin电竞官网官方永久ment B must be selected with the Principal’s initials and a mark in the checkbox must be supplied.

(16) Effective Until Revocation Or Death. If the authority to handle the Principal’s real estate matters (above) should remain accessible to the Attorney-in-Fact even when the Principal is incapacitated and only terminate upon his or her death or upon revocation, then bbin电竞官网官方永久ment C should be selected. To adopt this statement as the termination directive, the Principal must initial it and select the checkbox provided.

Oklahoma Real Estate Principal Signature

(17) Signature Date Of Oklahoma Real Estate Principal. The date when the Principal places this appointment in effect will be the same day he or she signs it. Thus, immediately before signing his or her name, the Oklahoma Real Estate Principal must record the current date.

(18) Principal’s Signature. The Oklahoma Principal must sign his or her name to place this document in effect and to revoke any previous granting of authority over his or her real estate matters. When ready to execute this appointment, the Oklahoma Principal should sign his or her name as a licensed Notary Public observes this action.

(19) Printed Name Of Oklahoma Real Estate Principal. Oklahoma Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact Acknowledgment

(20) Agent’s Signature. The Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact chosen by the Principal must review this paperwork the provide a solid affirmation that he or she understands its content, the responsibilities that will be placed on him or her, and to carry out the Principal’s directives in good faith by signing his or her name. This action should also occur before the Notary Public who is attending the Principal’s execution above.

(21) Agent’s Printed Name. The Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact should print his or he name in the area provided.

Notary Acknowledgment Of Signatures

(22) Notarization Of Oklahoma Principal And Agent Signatures. The Notary Public witnessing the signature process of the Oklahoma Principal and Agent will complete the acknowledgment area closing this appointment.