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Updated June 02, 2022

A Nevada real estate power of attorney form is a document that allows a real estate owner to legally appoint a selected agent/attorney-in-fact to handle matters on their behalf. This is a legal tool that will enable the named attorney-in-fact to handle business pertaining to the real property of the principal. The agent must conduct any required real estate business in accordance with the principal directives set in writing here.

All signatures must be witnessed by a licensed state notary. The principal will retain the ability to revoke the agent’s principal powers at will by issuing a written revocation or creating a new power of attorney.


Statutes Power of Attorney (Uniform Act)

Signing Requirements ( N.R.S. 162A.220 ; N.R.S. 247.120 ) – Notary Public.

How to Write

1 – The Form Available On This Page Should Be Downloaded For Use

The Real Estate Attorney-in-Fact Appointment Form available on this page (through one of the buttons below the image preview) should be opened then downloaded once you have organized and gathered all the information it will require regarding the Principal, Attorney-in-Fact, and Property concerned.

2 – Fill In The Information Required By The Paragraph bbin电竞官网官方永久ment

Look for the initial paragraph on this page. Use the first blank line (just before the bracketed label “Full Name”) to enter the Principal’s Name. This is the entity who will appoint an Attorney-in-Fact with Principal Authority over his or her Real Property as defined by this document.  

It will be necessary to verify the Principal’s Identity through his or her Physical Address. Use the second blank space in this paragraph to record the Street Address where the Principal lives. Then use the third and fourth blank lines to record the City and bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the Principal resides.

Now that we have provided an accurate report on the Principal’s Identity, we will need to document the Identity of the Attorney-in-Fact who will assume the Principal’s Authority when appropriate. Enter the Attorney-in-Fact’s Full Name on the blank space between the words “…Hereby Appoint” and “[Full Name] of”

The last three blank lines have been reserved for the Physical Street Address, City, and bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the Attorney-in-Fact resides. Make sure to enter this information precisely as it appears on his or her Identification papers.

3 – The Nature Of the Principal Authority Should Be Clearly Defined Before The Signing

The next segment will list several actions the Attorney-in-Fact may take using Principal Authority. The Attorney-in-Fact will only be able to utilize Principal Authority if the Principal has specifically approved him or her to do so. This approval will be provided directly by the Principal when he or she initials the paragraphs describing Principal Power. Any paragraph statement not initialed by the Principal will contain descriptions of actions that will not be applied to the Attorney-in-Fact’s Principal Powers.

The Principal can give the Attorney-in-Fact the Authority to engage in Selling Real Estate on his or her behalf by initialing the first statement and marking the check box preceding the bold words “Sale of Real Estate.” If the Principal has decided to grant the Powers defined in this paragraph to the Agent, then it is imperative to specify the Physical Address (of the Property) on the blank space after the words “…Located At” and the Physical Description of the Property on blank preceding the words “…Description Of”

The second paragraph statement, identified by the bold term “Purchase Of Real Estate.” If the Attorney-in-Fact should have the Principal Authority to buy/acquire Real Estate using the Principal’s Name and Authority, then enter the Physical Address and Legal Description of the Property the Attorney-in-Fact will have Authority in on the appropriate blank lines. Once this task has been completed the Principal should initial the blank line and mark the check box provided to appoint the Attorney-in-Fact with the Powers defined here.

In the third paragraph, the Principal will have the opportunity to grant the Attorney-in-Fact the Power to Manage Property in his or her Name. If the Attorney-in-Fact should have this Power, the Principal should initial the blank line in the margin corresponding to the words “Manager Real Property,” then mark the check box.

The last paragraph will outline the “Refinancing” actions an Attorney-in-Fact may engage in with Principal Approval and Authority once, the Property Address, Legal Description, and Principal’s Initials have been supplied and the check box marked.

2 – Declare When The Attorney-in-Fact Can Use The Principal Authority Defined Here

There will be three options in the section labeled “Article III. Term” to choose from when defining the Term of Principal Authority for the Attorney-in-Fact. Only one of these statements may be chosen to apply to the Attorney-in-Fact’s Principal Power. Only the Choice where the Principal has provided his or her initials and marked the check box will apply to the Attorney-in-Fact’s Principal Power. The Principal may define a specific Termination Date in Choice A, have the Powers terminate upon his or her incapacity or death in Choice B, or have the Powers defined here remain active until his or her Death or Revocation in Choice C.

The last segment of this form will finalize the Attorney-in-Fact Appointment with a Dated Signature from the Principal and the Attorney-in-Fact. To begin, the Principal should enter the Current Date when he or she is signing this form in the statement beginning with the phrase “In Witness Whereof”

The Principal should sign the blank line labeled “Principal’s Signature” then print his or her Name on the blank line labeled “Print Name.”

The Attorney-in-Fact will also need to provide his or her Signature and Printed Name on the blank lines labeled “Agent’s Signature” and “Print Name”

Once the Principal and Attorney-in-Fact have provided a Dated Signature, the Witnesses who have observed the signing will need to verify their presence through a signature. There will be two paragraphs below the Principal Signature are provided for this purpose (labeled “Affirmation By Witness 1” and “Affirmation By Witness 2”). Each paragraph will need the Full Name of Witness documented within it. Each Witness should sign and print his or her Name below the paragraph containing his or her Name.

The section titled “Notary Acknowledgment” can only be attended to by a Notary Public who is physically present at the time of this paperwork’s Principal Signing.

The last page shall require a formal Acceptance of Principal Power by the Attorney-in-Fact. He or she should find the page labeled “Acceptance By Agent” then read the text provided. Once this task is completed the Attorney-in-Fact should sign and print his or her Name on the line beginning with the label “Agent’s Signature.”