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Updated July 05, 2022

A Nebraska real estate power of attorney form is a document that allows a real estate owner, known as a principal, to legally appoint a representative to act on their behalf. This paperwork enables the Attorney-in-Fact to oversee the sale, management, refinancing, or any other duties required as directed through its language. The type of powers and extent of the Agent’s abilities will be set to the discretion of the issuing Principal.  For this document’s execution, it must be acknowledged by a state-licensed Notary Public.


Statutes Nebraska Uniform Power of Attorney Act (§§ 30-4001 — 30-4045)

Signing Requirements ( Neb. Rev. St. § 30-4005 ) – Required to be signed in the presence of a notary public.

How to Write

1 – The Form On This Page Will Enable A Principal To Grant Real Estate Powers

The instrument required to issue Principal Power over Real Estate can be accessed and downloaded through any of the buttons beneath the image. Before opening the form, be prepared to supply accurate information regarding the Principal, Attorney-in-Fact, and the Property involved.

2 – The Initial bbin电竞官网官方永久ment Will Serve To Introduce The Parties

The paragraph statement at the beginning of this form will need the Principal’s First, Middle, and Last Name filled onto the first blank space. The Principal introduction should continue with a report on his or her Physical Address presented on the second blank space of this statement. This Address should contain the Physical Building Number, Street Name, and Suite/Unit Number of the Principal’s Home Address.  To conclude this report on the Principal, supply the City and the bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the Principal maintains his residence on the next two blank spaces.  The next report will be on the Attorney-in-Fact. The space after “…Hereby Appoint” needs the Attorney-in-Fact’s Legal Name presented.  Continue the Attorney-in-Fact’s report by supplying his or her Home Address on the next three blank spaces. Use the first blank space after the Attorney-in-Fact’s Name to display his or her Home’s Street Address, the second space for the City, and the third blank space for the bbin电竞官网官方永久.

3 – The Principal Must Approve The Authority To Handle The Principal’s Real Estate Matters

The center of this document will be the Assignment of Principal Power to the Attorney-in-Fact in the Principal’s Real Estate Matters. In Article I, a list of Real Estate Matters will be supplied for review. This list will enable the Principal to grant some Powers but not others or grant Principal Powers in all the matters defined. The Principal will provide Principal Approval by initialing the blank line preceding the matter the Attorney-in-Fact will gain Power in. The check box next to this line must be marked if the Principal initials a Subject Matter.

If the Principal Power to sell Real Estate should be granted to the Attorney-in-Fact, the Principal will need to initial the blank line preceding the words “Sale Of Real Estate” and mark the appropriate check box. This Subject Matter will require the Physical Address of the Property the Agent may act on recorded on the first blank space in this definition. The second blank line in this statement must have the Legal Description of this Property documented.

The Principal can empower the Agent in the “Purchase Of Real Estate” by initialing the blank space preceding this label. This paragraph will also need the Physical Address and Legal Description of the Property the Agent may conduct the defined activities with. Enter the Physical Address on the first line and the Legal Description on the second blank line.

The Principal “Management Of Real Estate” Authority required for the Attorney-in-Fact to represent the Principal in managing property will be granted for the Property listed in the third paragraph statement once the Principal initials and marks the check box. You will need to enter the Property’s Physical Address on the first blank line in the paragraph. Then, on the second blank line, you must enter the Legal Description of the concerned Property.

The Principal can enable the Attorney-in-Fact to conduct activities relating to “Refinancing” in his or her Name by initialing the fourth Subject Matter and marking the appropriate check box. The Property’s Physical Address and Legal Description should be entered on the first and second blank lines in this paragraph.

4 – Solidify The Durability Of This Authority

The Principal Authority delivered through this document should have its Durability defined before the Principal Signing. The Principal can solidify this definition by initialing one of the three choices in Article III. The Start Date of these Powers will be the Signature Date provided by the Principal. It is worth noting that regardless of which statement the Principal chooses to initial; the Principal will always retain the right to issue a Revocation thereby terminating these Powers.

The Principal must initial the first statement, Choice A, and check the corresponding check box if he or she wishes the Real Estate Powers in this paperwork to terminate automatically on a specific day. This choice will require a definition to such a Termination Date. Present the Termination Date (DD/Month/YY) using the three blank lines in this choice.

The Principal can also decide to have this document automatically terminate if he or she is rendered incapacitated or passes away by initialing the second choice and checking the box.

If the Powers in this document should remain active and available to the Attorney-in-Fact even if the Principal is disabled or incapacitated, the Principal must initial the blank line and check the box corresponding to Choice C.

5 – Several Signature Parties, Including The Principal, Are Needed To Execute This Form

When this document is ready to be executed and set active, the Principal and the Attorney-in-Fact will need to satisfy Article VI. Here, the Principal must fill in the Date he or she is signing this form across the three blank spaces after the phrase “…this instrument this.” This date should be entered as a Two-Digit Day, Month Name, and Two-Digit Year. Below this statement, the Principal must sign and print his or her name on the blank spaces following the label “Principal’s Signature.” The Attorney-in-Fact must then must sign his or her Name on the blank space after “Agent’s Signature” then print his or her Name on the blank line after “Print Name.” Next will be the “Affirmation By Witness 1” and “Affirmation By witness 2” sections where each section must have the printed Name of a unique Witness to the Principal Signature filled into blank line in the paragraph statement. The Witnessed named in the Affirmation paragraph statement must sign and print his or her Name using the space available below the respective paragraph statement.  The page with the “Notary Acknowledgment” heading requires the attention of the Notary Public obtained to oversee the Principal Signing. This entity will subject this Signing to the Notarization Process, using this page. The final page of this document will serve as a formal acceptance of these Powers by the Attorney-in-Fact. The Attorney-in-Fact should read this statement then sign and print his or her Name on the blank lines provided.