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Updated June 02, 2022

A Mississippi real estate power of attorney form is a document that allows an owner of real property to grant decision-making authority relating to that property to a trusted person. The agent named here will be given the right to buy, refinance, maintain, or even sell the Principal’s real property through this document’s execution. These powers may be revoked at the Principal’s discretion once he or she provides written notice of revocation to the Attorney-in-Fact or by execution of a new document.


Statutes  – Power and Letters of Attorney (§§ 87-3-1 — 87-3-113)

Signing Requirements ( Miss. Code Ann. §§ 87-3-3 , 87-3-1 ) – No specific mention. However, the parties should have the document notarized if they intend to create contracts relating to conveyances of land.

How to Write

1 – Gather Your References For This Issuance Then Open The Form On This Page

Make sure you have the Principal, Attorney-in-Fact, and Property information. In order for the Principal to grant Power over a Property to an Attorney-in-Fact, all three of these items must be clearly defined and supplied. Once you have this information, use the buttons on this page to open this template. It will supply the appropriate language for this task.

2 – Positively Identify The Issuer Of This Form

The first two blank lines of this declaration will need the Full Name of the Issuer (Principal) of this form, then the Mississippi County where he or she lives presented on them (respectively)

3 – Record The Identity Of The Determined Attorney-in-Fact

Locate the words “…Do Hereby Appoint,” then use the blank space following them to enter the Full Name of the Attorney-in-Fact being granted Principal Power. This will be followed by a blank line where you must enter the Mississippi County where the Attorney-in-Fact lives.

4 – Define The Property In Question

The next three blank spaces (after the words “…of title, that land situated at”) require a strict definition to the Property the Attorney-in-Fact may act upon with Principal Power. Use the first blank space after these words to enter the Physical Street Address of this Property. Then on the second and third blank lines, enter the City and County where this Property is located.

5 – Two Witnesses Must Observe The Principal And Agent Signing

Once the Principal, Agent, Witnesses, and Notary Public attending this signing have been gathered, the Principal should report the Date of Signing using the empty spaces after the words “Witness my signature, the” The “Principal’s Signature” line must be signed by the Principal before the Witnesses and Notary Public.  The “Agent’s Signature” line must be signed by the Attorney-in-Fact in front of both Witnesses and the Notary Public.  There will be a “Witness #1 Signature” line and a “Witness #2 Signature” line. Each one will require the signature of a unique Witness.