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Updated July 05, 2022

An Iowa real estate power of attorney is a document that allows a principal title holder of real property to appoint an agent to take over the sale, closing, or even the management of his or her real estate.  As the document is completed, it will require a signature from the principal and other applicable parties as a testimony to its authenticity. Once all of the signatures have been provided, the acknowledgment of a notary is also required.


Statutes Chapter 1078 Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements ( I.C.A. § 633B.105 ) – Notary Public.

How to Write

1 – Organize The Required Reference Materials Then, Open Or Download This Form

In order to properly fill this document out, you will need several items. Make sure you have the Property, Principal, and Agent information before downloading this form. When you are ready, you may open it and work on it immediately or print it to fill it out manually.

2 – Establish The Parties Directly Involved With This Authority

The initial statement shall present a framework for the necessary language of this form’s purpose, however, in order for it to apply directly to the concerned Principal and Agent, information will need to be supplied in the appropriate areas.

The first blank space, in the first blank paragraph, must have the Legal Name of the Grantor or Principal entered.   The next three spaces will combine to provide the address of the Grantor/Principal. Enter the Building Number, Street Name, and any applicable Unit Number where the Grantor/Principal lives on the second blank space. Then, on the third blank space, report the City where the Grantor/Principal Lives. On the fourth blank space, of this paragraph, enter the bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the Grantor Lives. The next four spaces are concerned with who the Agent being granted Principal Authority is. Enter the Full Legal Name of this Agent on the fifth blank space of this paragraph (after “…hereby appoint”). Then record the Agent’s Building Number, Street Name, and Unit Number of his or her Residential Address on the next blank space. Finally, on the next two blank spaces, record the City and the bbin电竞官网官方永久 of the Agent’s Residential Address.

3 – The First Article Of Authority: Assignment

Locate the section titled “Article I. Assignment of Authority.” This area will frame the Powers the Principal intends to grant to the Agent in representing and acting on his or her behalf. These general topics will cover an extensive amount of ground, so the Principal should read through them then decide which Powers should be granted to the Agent. Once decided, he or she must initial the blank space and mark the check box corresponding to each area the Agent should wield Principal Power with Principal Approval.

The Agent may wield the Principal’s Authority regarding the Principal’s Real Estate Sales if the “Sale of Real Estate” paragraph is initialed and check. Information defining the Property concerned must also accompany this approval. Enter the Legal Address of this Property on the first blank line in this statement and its Legal Description on the second blank space.

The Agent will be able to represent and act as the Principal when it comes to Purchasing Real Estate if the Principal initials the blank space corresponding to the “Purchase of Real Estate” paragraph and marks the check box. To fulfill the requirements of this selection, you must supply the Legal Address of the concerned Property on the first blank space and the Legal Description on the second blank space.

The Agent may act on behalf of the Principal and make decisions regarding the “Management of Real Estate” if the Principal initials and checks the third paragraph in this statement. The Property the Agent will be empowered to manage through this paperwork should be clearly identified by entering its Legal Address on the first blank line then entering its Legal Description on the second blank space.

The Agent will have Principal Approval when it comes to Refinancing, once the Principal initials and checks the “Refinancing” paragraph. Make sure to report the Legal Address and Legal Description on the first and second blank spaces.

4 – The Effective Term Of The Agent’s Principal Authority Must Be Documented

The Time Period this document will be effective for will be defined in the section titled “Article III. Term.” Here, three lettered choices will be provided. The Principal will need to choose the one that best applies to his or her preferences. If there will be a specific Date when this Power of Attorney should automatically terminate, the Principal should initial and check Choice “a.” This requires some additional definition as the exact Date of Termination should be written out using the three blank spaces in this statement.

If the Principal intends for this paperwork’s Effective Period to be indefinite unless he or she revokes it, is rendered incapable, or dies, the Principal will need to initial and check Choice “b.”

If the Principal intends for this document to remain in Effect unless he or she revokes it or dies, then Choice “c” must be initialed and checked by the Principal.

5 – The Signature Parties Must Combine To Execute This Paperwork

The Principal, Agent, and two Witnesses will need to sign the statements at the end of this form in the presence of a Notary Public. Make sure to coordinate these parties appropriately. This requirement can be satisfied in the section titled “Article VI. Revocation.”

The first party to attend to this document will be the Signature Principal. In the “In witness whereof…” statement he or she should write out the Signature Date (day/month/year) using the blank spaces present.

On the reported Signature Date, the Principal must provide his or her Legal Signature and Name on the blank spaces labeled “Principal’s Signature” and “Print Name.”

The Agent will also need to provide his or her Legal Signature and Printed Name on the blank lines titled “Agent’s Signature” and “Print Name.” This area is located directly below the Principal’s Signature area.

Next, the First Witness will need to tend to the “Affirmation by Witness 1” statement and the Second Witness will need to tend to the “Affirmation by Witness 2” statement. Each will need to fill in the Principal’s Name on the blank line in their respective statement areas then supply their Signatures, Printed Name, and Signature Date on the spaces following this statement. Only one Witness may tend to one paragraph.

The “Notary Acknowledgment” section will be tended to by the Notary Public once all the requirements for Notarization are completed by the Signature Parties.

The last page will contain a statement where the Agent will verify the acceptance of Principal Power and its responsibilities. The “Acceptance by Agent” statement will need to be read and signed by the Agent. Next to his or her signature the Agent must print his or her Name.

This document may be revoked at any time by creating a new power of attorney document or by providing written notice and delivery to the current Agent.