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Updated July 05, 2022

An Idaho real estate power of attorney is a document that provides a principal the required written tool to elect an agent. Here, the agent will be able to assist with the management, sale, closing, or refinancing of real estate using the authority of the principal. This document is usually used for the purpose of providing permission for an attorney to work with buyers in the closing of a sale. However, it may also be used for the election of an individual, attorney, or real estate professional, to perform a variety of actions the principal would normally perform. As soon as the document has been signed by all of its required signatories, the acknowledgment of a notary public will also be required to properly and legally complete the document.


Statutes Chapter 12 — Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements ( I.C. § 15-12-105 ) – Notary Public.

How to Write

1 – Obtain, Organize, and Review All Necessary Paperwork

This paperwork will require quite a bit of information. Make sure that all the reference material is present and available for consultation when necessary as each piece of information reported is done so accurately. When the Principal has settled on the Powers to be granted, he or she may see to their issuance by downloading and filling out the Form on this page, then signing it.

2 – The Granting Principal of Real Estate Powers

The initial paragraph on this form will seek to set up the identities of the parties involved in these Real Estate Powers. The first party to be reported will be the Full Name of the Principal. Enter this Name on the first empty line.

Next, enter the Street Address of the Grantor, or Principal, on the second blank space of this paragraph. Make sure this is a current Address that may be physically located.

Finally, report the bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the Grantor’s Street Address is located by entering the City and the bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the Grantor lives.

The next piece of required information is equally invaluable to the effectiveness of this form. In the next blank space (after the words “…hereby appoint”), report the Full name of the Grantee accepting Principal Authority.

The Street Address, City, and bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the Grantee resides will also need to be reported once, the Grantee’s Name has been entered. Do this on the next three blank spaces after the Grantee’s Name.

3 – Assigning Principal Authorities To The Grantee   

The Articles in this document will are structured with the required language for the task at hand but will need direct involvement from the Principal. Article I will deal with the definitions of various Principal Powers that may be assigned to the Agent by the granting Principal. The Grantor must initial each statement of authority, check the box, and record some Property Information. The first paragraph enables the Agent to perform Real Estate Sale actions on behalf of the Grantor, or Principal, once the Principal initials the blank line and checks the box. The Street Address of the Property’s Location must be entered on the first blank line in this paragraph. Finally, the Legal Description of this Property may also be provided.

The Power to Purchase Real Estate will be appointed to the Grantee assuming Principal Power when the Grantor initials and checks the second statement. This statement will need to have the Physical Location’s Address entered on the first blank space. Then, on the second blank space, record the Legal Description of this Property.

The third authority statement will define the ability to Manage Real Estate. If the Grantor intends to appoint Principal Power in this area to the Agent, he or she must initial the blank space and check the box. Once this task is done, the Address of the concerned Property’s location should be filled into the first blank line. Then, on the second blank line, the Legal Description of the concerned Property should be entered.

If the Grantor will appoint power to the Agent in terms of “Refinancing,” he or she must initial and check the last statement of power and mark the checkbox. On the first blank line in this paragraph, enter the Street Address of the Property the Agent may exert Principal Authority. The second blank line will require the Legal Description of the Property this Agent may affect.

4 – The Term Of Effect For The Grantee’s Principal Authority

The Grantor of Authority, in this document, will need to define when the Authority appointed to the Principal will become effective and when it will terminate. Three statements will be presented in Article III. Whichever bbin电竞官网官方永久ment the Grantor initials will define this Period of Effect.

The Grantor of Authority may define the Period of Effect as beginning upon execution and terminating on a specific date by initialing the first selection, placing a mark in the checkbox, then declaring the Date of Termination utilizing the spaces provided.

The Grantor may choose to make the Authority appointed through this form to become effective upon its execution date then terminate upon his or her incapacitation, death or revocation by initialing the second choice and marking the checkbox.

The powers being designated to the Grantee, or Agent, will go into effect as soon as this document is signed and terminate upon the Principal initialing and checking the last selection.

5 – The Granting Principal’s Validating Signature

Article VI will act as hard proof of the Grantor’s intention to appoint power to the Agent. The Calendar Date of the Signature should be entered by the Principal in the statement “In witness whereof, I have executed…” Three spaces have been provided so the Calendar Date, Month, and Year may be recorded.

The “Principal’s Signature” line must have the Signature of the Grantor provided while the next available space will require the Printed Name of the Signature Party entered.

The next line will also have two blank spaces. Here, the Agent accepting this appointment must Sign and Print his or her Name in these spaces.

The following two statements are each Witness bbin电竞官网官方永久ments. Since, two Witnesses should be viewing this signing, each one will have his or her own statement to tend to (“Affirmation by Witness 1” and “Affirmation by Witness 2”). The Name of the Signature Witness must appear in the first blank line in the statement. Then, below this, the Witness must sign and print his or her Name.

The Notary Public will Notarize this document at the time of signing, this may only be done in the “Notary Acknowledgment” section by the Notary Public present.

The last statement requiring attention, “Acceptance by Agent,” requires the Agent’s Signature and Printed Name to be entered as a formal Acceptance of the Powers and Responsibilities defined in this document.