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Updated June 02, 2022

A Florida real estate power of attorney  is a legal document used to provide a selected agent (i.e. an individual, attorney, or real estate agent) with the permission to refinance, sell or manage real property in the name of its issuer (or principal). Once completed, the document must be signed by the principal before two witnesses and a notary public. This document may be revoked at any time by providing written notice and serving it to the current agent named within it or by implementing a new document that will immediately invalidate the current document.


Statutes Chapter 709 — Powers of Attorney and Similar Instruments

Signing Requirements ( F.S.A. § 709.2105 ; F.S.A. § 689.111 ) – Two (2) Witnesses and Notary Public.

How to Write

1 – Open or Download The Florida Real Estate Authority Form

This form may be easily opened or downloaded through the “PDF” button on the right. You may open this form and work on it live using a form friendly browser or download it to work on later. If desired you may also print this form then fill it out manually.

2 – Review This Form And Provide The Requested Information

This form will present the language required to appoint an Agent or Attorney-in-Fact with the Principal Power to make decisions and actions on behalf of the Principal in the manner defined and approved by the Principal through this document. To begin, locate the first paragraph then, enter the name of the Principal on the first blank line.

Enter the name of the Agent on the second blank space of this statement

The third blank space, in the first paragraph, will seek a definition of the Relationship the Agent holds with the Principal. Record this on the space provided.

There will be a choice in the Real Property Section. If the Principal wishes to appoint the Agent with Principal Authority regarding all of his or her Real Property, then leave this section blank. The Authority granted will be defined in the first section. If the Principal only wishes the Agent to wield Principal Power regarding a specific Real Property, then below the word “Or,” record the Real Property’s Street Address on the blank line labeled “Street Address of Property” and the Legal Description on the lines labeled “Legal Description of Property, if known.” Note: If specifying a Property the Agent will be appointed Principal Power over, this will be the only Real Property the Agent may utilize Principal Authority on behalf of the Principal.

3 – Set The Date And Validate The Principal’s Appointment Of Authority

The last area of this document will require the Signature Date to be entered on the empty space following the term “…executed this power of attorney on.”   Below this and to the right, the Principal must provide his or her Signature on the blank line labeled “Signed.” Enter Principal’s complete mailing address just below the Principal’s Signature. Two blank lines next to the word “Address” have been provided for this purpose.  There will be two blank lines on the left of the Principal’s Signature area. Two individuals who have witnessed this signing must sign their names here. Each line must have a unique signature.

When the Principal has completed and signed the document before the notary, the notary will complete the document and provide application of the state seal.