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Updated July 05, 2022

A Connecticut real estate power of attorney provides permission to a real estate attorney to oversee the sale and closing of their client’s real property. The Principal who issues this paperwork may also use the document when electing another individual or an agent of their choice to conduct any of their real estate business on their behalf (i.e. maintenance, refinancing, etc.). The execution of this form will require witnesses and the presence of a notary. The document may be revoked at any time by simply placing the revocation into writing and serving it to the agent or by the creation of an updated document.


Statutes Connecticut Uniform Power of Attorney Act (§§ 1-350 — 1-353b)

Signing Requirements ( C.G.S.A. § 47-5 ; C.G.S.A. § 1-350d ) – Two (2) Witnesses and Notary Public.

How to Write

1 – Consolidate The Required Paperwork

First, make sure you have the information that shall be requested on this form. You will need to (at least) have accurate information on both parties, the property involved, and a predetermination as to what powers the Principal will assign the Attorney-in-Fact. Once you have organized all the required information or reference documents, open or download this form using the buttons marked PDF, ODT, or Word on this page. Each one will lead to the file version listed on the button.

2 – Enter The Grantor’s Information

Locate the first blank space in the first paragraph. Enter the Full Name of the Principal who intends to grant Real Estate Powers to the Attorney-in-Fact to be listed on this document.

The second space on the first line requests the Principal’s Street Address, this must be an up-to-date address the Principal maintains.

The third space, after the words “in the City of,” will require the Principal’s City.

This must be followed by the Principal’s bbin电竞官网官方永久 on the next empty space.

3 – Enter the Agent’s Information

The next area of this paragraph must have the Attorney-in-Fact/Agent’s information. This information will be split across the four blank spaces after the words “(the “Principal”) hereby appoint.” Begin by entering the Full Name of the Attorney-in-Fact/Agent on the first blank space.

Then, on the next empty space, the Attorney-in-Fact/Agent’s Street Address must be presented.

Finally, enter the City where the Attorney-in-Fact/Agent’s Street Address is located on the third empty spaces.

Lastly, the bbin电竞官网官方永久 where the Agent lives must be reported on the last blank line in this paragraph.

4 – Article I. Assignment of Authority

This form must specifically report on the powers or rights to Authority the Principal will grant the Agent. This should be achieved in Article I. While the wording required to define different categories of Authority have been listed, it will be up to the Principal to approve each one personally. That is, he or she must initial the Authorities listed in this section, mark the check box, and define the Property the approved Power will apply to.

The first selection gives the Agent the ability to Sell Real Estate with Principal Authority. This will require the Principal’s Initials, a mark in the corresponding check box, the Address of the Real Estate Location, and the Legal Description of the Property/Premise provided.

The next selection will provide Principal Power to the Agent for the Purchase of Real Estate. To select this, the Principal must enter his or her initials and mark the appropriate check box. This should be followed by the Address and Legal Description of the Real Estate on the two empty spaces in this paragraph.

The third selection grants the Agent Principal Power in the Management of Real Estate. This power may be granted when the Principal provides his or her initials and checks the box. The Address and Legal Description must also be supplied.

The final category is Refinancing. If the Principal will grant the Power to Refinance to the Agent, then he or she must initial the blank space and mark the box for this category. The Property Address and Legal Description must be supplied on the blank space provided.

4 – Article III. Term

The Term of Effect or the time period when the Agent’s Principal Authority is active will need to be defined clearly on this form. This may be done in Article III where two choices for the Start Date of this Term of Effect will be presented. The Principal must choose one of the following selections by initialing its blank space and marking the check box.

Choose Selection “a,” if the Start Date of the Agent’s Power of Attorney is active as of this form’s execution and remains active until it is revoked or the Day listed using the three empty spaces in this choice.

Choose Selection “b,” if the Start Date is upon the execution of this form and remains in effect until the Principal’s revocation, incapacity, or death.

Choose Selection “c,” if the Start Date will become active upon this document’s execution and remain in effect until the revocation or death of the Principal.

5 – Article VI. Revocation

The Principal must read and understand Article IV and V. The next Article requiring attention will be Article VI. This area requires the Principal’s Signature, Witness Signatures, and an area for Notary Acknowledgment

The Principal must read the statement presented then enter the Date he or she signs this form. The Signature Date must be supplied using the three spaces in the statement “In witness whereof…”

Next the Principal must sign his or her Name then print it on the next space.

The Agent must also sign and print his or her Name.

There will also be two paragraphs “Affirmation by Witness 1” and “Affirmation by Witness 2.” Each one must be tended to by a different Witness. The person viewing the signing will need to enter his or her Name on the first empty space, then sign and print his or her name in the spaces provided.

The Notary Public will verify this signing with a Notarization Seal. This will be done on the next of this form. Only the Notary may satisfy this page’s requirements.

The Agent (being granted Authority) must Sign and Print his or her Name on the two blank lines provided in the “Acceptance by Agent” page (last page).