Our backyard where we can run and play .

Most stories begin with Once upon a time, and so does this one too.
It was in the year 1986 when a sweet little cavalier pup came to live with us.
Her name was Lady. She was my son Michael's dog. It was because of Lady I became interested in breeding these lovely Cavaliers.

Our first litter was born in 1989 and in 1991 we got the kennel name.
In my breeding I look for health, structure and good character.
We live in Helsinki the capital of Finland. I live with one black & tan, one ruby and one little blenheim'pilliputs'.
They are allowed to be in all parts of the house.

My son Michael is now grown up and has his own home.

You are welcome to visit us and to get to know this lovely breed.

In may- 04 we get a new puppy "Luru" and she is a Bichon Havanais dog. She is very lovely and it's interesting to get a new breed in the house:)
Now we have three havanais dogs. Lurus puppie Tessa stay at home with us:) and Cilla moved back when her owner Eila passed away .

The house where we live .